definition of objects

The term objects corresponds to the plural of the word Object, while by object several questions can be considered according to the context in which the word is used.

Element that can be perceived with the senses

In a broad sense, the object turns out to be that thing that can be perceived through one of our senses, on which we can act and that lacks autonomy at the time of action.

Meanwhile, objects can be materialsThose that have matter, are lifeless and have a definite form. Traditionally, those things that have been altered by human hands and that their use requires only the use of our hands or simple tools are considered as material objects. The pen, a cup, a knife, are considered objects; O well abstract, such is the case of concepts.

In philosophy ...

At the request of Philosophy, the object will be everything that is plausible to be known or felt by the individual, including himself..


Too, the object will be that end or intent that is directed to an operation or an action. The purpose of my presence here is to finalize the details of the contract that will link us with the new associate of the company.

Matter and object of a science

In addition, the matter and subject that has a certain science is designated by the term of object. The object of study of Paleontology turns out to be the fossil remains.

On the other hand, to instances of Linguistics, the object is the complement, either direct or indirect, that opposes the subject.

In programming ...

In programming, on the other hand, an object will be that unit that performs the tasks of a program at runtime, while at a lower level, in the same context, the object is the instance of a class.

Decorative objects and their influence on interior decoration

On the other hand, in the field of interior design and decoration, the use of this concept is very popular since it designates those elements that are used so that they precisely fulfill satisfactorily the aesthetic, decorative mission of a room. in particular.

When the air freshener or interior decorator plans a decoration project, whether in a personal space or in a commercial one, he must consider in this assembly the furniture that he will need to perform the practical function of storage, but he must also take into account those elements that they will perform the decorative function and they are the objects.

For this reason, in the decoration, a high value is attributed to the elements that fulfill this task. Many times, it is enough to put a single object to enhance the aesthetics of a place, and the same happens in the opposite direction, when that unique decorative detail is lacking, a space can appear to be contemplated as lackluster, lacking in personality, among other considerations.

In decoration stores of any style there are always proposals in this sense, options in accessories and objects that will give a space personality and entity.

It is important to note that on most occasions, decorators, at the request of their clients, or people, tend to choose as decorative objects those elements that bear some relation to their interests or personality. It is very rare that at home or in the office we put an object that we do not like or do not represent us.

Other types of objects happen to be, the astronomical object, a relevant physical entity, either an association or structure that astronomical science confirms in the universe; legal object, will be the content of an act or a legal transaction and the social object, that objective presented by an association or society.

The following words of very popular use in our language are also used as synonyms for the various references: element, thing, purpose and objective.

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