identification definition

The concept that concerns us has several references in our language, almost all of them linked to identity, which is the set of features or data that individualize or distinguish something or someone, that is its main function, and that by case they confirm us that someone really is who he is, or that a thing is what he is, without a doubt.

Recognition of the identity of something or someone

In general terms we will say that identification implies the action and effect of identifying, which is to recognize the identity of something or someone, thus marking differences with others.

For example, when I know an idea or a proposal in depth, and therefore distinguish it from many others, and on the other hand, I could identify with it when I decide to take it on my own and defend it against whoever corresponds because I agree with their proposal or trend.

Also when things are recognized by us we can speak of identification.

"Walking around the city, I identified the bar that my friend recommended."

Meanwhile, with regard to the identification of people, we must speak of a social need for this action since it is through it that they can be recognized and actions can be attributed to them, including contributions and achievements and on the other hand also criminal acts for which he must respond to justice. Without the corresponding identification, someone cannot be recognized or punished.

So, the term identification is used to designate the act of identifying, recognizing or establishing the main data and information about a person.

Records of the people where the citizens of a nation are identified and official documentation that proves their identities is extended to them

In order to comply with this recognition in a satisfactory way, each country has a public registry of natural persons and also of legal entities; In the first case, it is usually referred to as the national registry of persons, a body in which the identifications of individuals are processed as soon as they are born and thus an identity document can be issued.

There, their name and surname are registered and they are assigned a unique number that will also correspond to the documentation that is issued after the process, for example, the national identity document.

Many times just by mentioning that number it is possible to identify us.

Fingerprints and DNA are also other ways to identify a person.

Synonym of identity document

Identification, in addition to being an act or action to be carried out in certain situations, can also be the name carried by certain documents whose objective is precisely to establish the identity of a person or individual. Although the notion of identification is mainly related to humans, it can also be used with animals when it is necessary to establish their identities in particular situations (such as when a pet is identified with a specific collar or when an animal is identified wild to be able to continue analyzing their behavior).

Identification is one of the most important elements in the life of all human beings. This is so since having an identity is always extremely relevant when it comes to shaping a person's personality and quality of life. Identity is given mainly by the compound of first and last name, but also by elements such as belonging to a nation, a group of peers, a certain religion, an ethnic group, etc. The recognition, then, of these identifying data is essential so that such a person can be fully assumed as such.

When we speak of identification we also refer to all those documents that serve to legally and officially identify each individual. In this sense, papers such as identity documents, passports, driver's licenses, cards, different types of cards, and even consumer cards serve as elements to give identity to each individual.

It is because of this situation that the concept is normally used as a synonym for identity document.

Although not all of them are necessary (except the identity document), having them helps the person to carry out more activities without endangering their freedom or comfort (since, for example, without a passport one cannot travel abroad).

And on the other hand, the term can be used to designate the action of considering two different things so that they appear as the same. This is usually done with competing actions or issues so that they are not linked in a negative way. For example, studying with boredom.

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