definition of observation

Typically human action by which knowledge is acquired

Observation is a typically human practice and therefore it is a word that people use extensively to refer to it, which consists of the action of observing something, looking at it carefully, examining it exhaustively. In observation we actively acquire information, knowledge, of the world around us. Meanwhile, the senses are key in this activity, since it is through them, sight, smell, hearing, touch, that we achieve this knowledge that will undoubtedly help us a lot when it comes to knowing different aspects of the reality but they will also assist us in movements and other actions.

Examine the thing very carefully

In general terms, when someone talks about observation, they are referring to the action and result of observing something or, failing that, someone. When you observe a question, what you do is examine the thing very carefully, look at it very carefully, in order to notice its advantages and disadvantages. Observation is an activity carried out by almost all living beings, because as we well described, the implementation of it allows them to extract and assimilate invaluable information for their development, growth and even for survival..

The protagonist participation of the senses

Although it will be the sense of sight which prevails at the time of observation, the other senses that we have already mentioned lines above also play a fundamental role and often accompany the work of sight. Also, it is recurrent that to carry out the observation of some phenomena, some specific instruments are used that will facilitate it. A microscope, for example, will help us to observe very small microorganisms such as bacteria that are imperceptible to the human eye.

Principal Science Assistant

Almost all sciences, at some point, make use of observation in their goal of continuing to explore and add knowledge about the subject they deal with. Especially those in which it is somewhat complex to transfer the object of study to the laboratory, for example, Astronomy. Then, the observation together with the experimentation are part of the scientific method working in a complementary way and thus allowing to carry out the empirical verification of the phenomena.

Scientific observation basically consists of measuring and observing those plausible facts of observation.. Such activity should be carried out without subjectivity, feelings and opinions intervening in a way that deviates the scientific task that is being followed.

After specifying the observation, the scientist will elaborate a hypothesis as a tentative explanation of what he has observed. Then, a conjecture will take place and finally you will arrive at a conclusion that is the one that will ultimately contribute to the knowledge of the question that was under observation, under study.

Above we mentioned Astronomy as a science that especially needs observation to carry out the study of its object of study, while art is also another of the areas that requires observation to be able to analyze visual quality and technique of a painting, understand it and interpret what the artist who made it wanted to express through it.

But although the one indicated is the most popular use that we attribute to this word, we must indicate that there are others that are usually used ...

As a synonym for indication

As one who says that an observation is also an indication, that is, the word is often used as a synonym for indication. The indications are recommendations, advice and corrections that we receive from people who have knowledge in a subject, or from a superior. Usually through the indication they suggest something to us or ask us to carry out an action. "Juan made several observations about Maria's behavior after the party."

Note attached to a letter to clarify or clarify any issue

And the last of the meanings that is also attributed to the word is that of note attached to a letter to clarify or clarify any issue. Teachers or professors, to their students, usually make observations of this type in exams or in practical work so that they learn or improve in some aspect.

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