definition of development plan

A development plan is a global proposal that aims to achieve certain objectives. The concept of a development plan can refer to a governor, a person in charge of an institutional area or a leader of a company. It is a path of government or leadership that should govern the set of actions to be carried out over a period of time.

Main points of the development plans

A development plan must incorporate several characteristics when formulating. In the first place, it has to incorporate a high participatory component, in such a way that it includes the specific specialists who are going to carry out certain tasks (at the institutional level of many countries there are so-called advisory councils, which are made up of different members of society ).

Another aspect to consider is the transversality of the different themes that make up the development plan. An essential element is political or business marketing, through which the content of the development plan is communicated to society. For a development plan to have solid foundations, it must incorporate key axes (for example, in the government of a nation these axes can be peace, equality and prosperity).

Finally, any plan must establish a series of clear guidelines and an economic budget in accordance with them. And all this within the framework of the law, whether in the private or public sphere.

The elaboration of a development plan in the field of institutional policy

In any development plan, a preliminary question arises: where do you want to go? This preliminary idea is also known as a roadmap. In the political sphere, the road map is the electoral program that has been voted by the majority of the citizens. When a ruler comes to power in an institution, he has to draw up a development plan inspired by his electoral program.

The elaboration of a development plan includes the following sections

• An initial diagnosis of all spheres related to the institution to be governed, that is, what needs are there, what is the current economic situation and what expectations are presented.

• After the diagnosis of reality, the objectives and goals to be achieved and their corresponding deadlines are established.

• Any development plan must include the material tools and human resources that are available.

• An investment plan based on financial resources.

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