homoparental family - definition, concept and what it is

A homoparental family is one in which the members of a same-sex couple become the parents of one or more children. It should be noted that the Greek prefix homo means the same, like the words homosexual, homologous or homonym.

Homoparental couples can be fathers or mothers because they have adopted a child, through surrogacy or as a consequence of artificial insemination in the case of women.

A new sociological reality

The concept of the traditional family is deeply rooted in society. In this way, the union in civil or religious marriage between a man and a woman accompanied by offspring is the most widespread formula with respect to the idea of ​​family. However, there are other ways of understanding the family (single parent, single mother or separated parents). There are several causes that have generated other ways of conceiving family relationships:

1) a society in which traditional religious values ​​have been losing their validity,

2) greater permissiveness in the sexual field and

3) a more open mind in society as a whole. These factors have caused something almost unimaginable a few years ago to become a reality today.

The homoparental family is a good example of how the new values ​​have shaped different ways of understanding the family

That two men or two women share a life in common is relatively common, but it is not so common that they create their own family. For a homosexual couple, paternity / maternity is an option because the laws allow it and because there are medical advances that make it possible (without in vitro insemination, only the homoparental family would be feasible through adoption or by resorting to surrogacy). maternity).

In any case, the homoparental family would have been unthinkable a few decades ago and in the event of this family union it would not have been legally recognized.

The homoparental family is rejected by some sectors

There are people who, due to their moral or religious convictions, consider that this type of family is unnatural and, consequently, they should not be protected by the law. According to these people, it is a family union contrary to the idea of ​​family, since they understand that a family is the union between a man and a woman with the purpose of procreating and other approaches are immoral, contrary to nature and opposed to religious precepts.

Detractors of the idea of ​​homoparental family sometimes argue that this bond is a sin and, on the other hand, that it can harm children, who will be educated without the mother or father figure and this will cause trauma, rejection social or personal identity issues.

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