definition of alternating current

The alternating current It's that one type of electric current characterized by the magnitude and direction showing a cyclical variation. Meanwhile, the way in which this type of current will oscillate is in sine shape, that is to say, a curve that goes up and down continuously. Thanks to this form of oscillation, the alternating current manages to transmit energy more efficiently.

However, it should be noted that some special needs may require another format such as square or triangular.

Alternating current, symbolized from the letters AC in the Spanish language, it also stands out for being the way in which electricity enters our homes, jobs and by transmitting the audio and video signals from the corresponding electrical cables that contain it.

It is impossible not to do some history in relation to this topic since the first essays that gave way to this current date back to late nineteenth century, when the engineer Nikola Tesla devised and managed to realize the project of first alternating current motor. After him, other researchers and inventors would reach more novelties on the topic, for example William Stanley he managed to transfer this type of current to two isolated circuits, being the first and most direct antecedent of the transformer. Meanwhile, the American inventor George Westinghouse it would be the first to commercialize this stream.

Another unavoidable issue is the "war" that was waged between alternating current versus direct current, the latter strongly defended by Thomas edison. Finally, the concrete possibility of distributing energy on a large scale made the alternating current prevail.

Among the main benefits that the current presents in front of the continuous one is the simple transformation that proposes, something that is not feasible in direct current, since the latter requires the connection of dynamos in series to increase the voltage, while alternating current only has to use the transformer to raise the voltage in a satisfactory way.

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