dimension definition

The term level supports various uses.

At the behest of the Topography, is called cota al number that on maps fulfills the function of indicating the height of a point above sea level or on another level plane.

On the other hand, to the aforementioned height of a point above sea level or any other level plane it is called cota.

Also, when you want to refer to the importance, the value of something there is talk of height. His speech has had an unexpected height.

For its part, it is called dimension line to that line that is used in the representation of plans in technical drawing and that has the mission of determining the measurements of the parts represented in a plan. Meanwhile, the elements that make up a dimension line are the following: line parallel to the surface of the measurement object; Symbols that indicate the beginning and end of a dimension are placed at the ends; the dimension figure above the dimension line, the numerical value of the length of the dimension is assigned, likewise, the minimum and maximum tolerances and auxiliary dimension lines can be set, these are those perpendicular lines to dimension and that they will delimit the dimension lines. According to what is established, these lines should protrude from the dimension lines by approximately 2 mm.

On Geography, the word cota also has a distinctive use because it is the name given to two places on the planet ... Cota is the name of a population and one of the 116 municipalities that make up the Republic of Colombia, in the department of Cundinamarca, in the province of Sabana Occidente, 26 km. From the capital Bogota. The particularity that this municipality presents is that it is considered as the capital or indigenous city Colombia, as a consequence that most of the Chibchas lived in the territory that it occupies today.

And Cota is also called a parish (Portuguese administrative organization) of the council of Viseu, located in the central region and with more than 1,200 inhabitants.

A coat of mail, is the name with which one of the garments that made up a medieval armor is called and that was characterized by being made up of wrought iron or steel rings, which are arranged in a way to form a fabric.