definition of beautiful

The word beautifull is a term of extended use in our language to express to that or that which stands out for being beautiful and proportionate at the behest of the senses.

That or that which stands out for its beauty and for its proportionate conformation

Thus, a woman who has a balanced physique and a face in which beautiful features predominate will be considered a beautiful woman.

There is natural beauty, which is that with which a person is born and that is related to their genetics and also to the care they practice to look better, and also that beauty that can be achieved from surgery, to improve some parts of the body or face with which you are not satisfied.

Cosmetic surgery is a branch of medicine that is dedicated precisely to correcting physical defects and to return some parts of the face or body that are not naturally proportional.

And on the other hand, that thing, a table, for example, that presents various outstanding details such as being carved with flowers in its sash, turned legs, its patina, too, will be considered in the same terms.

The influence of subjectivity

Now, it should be noted that subjectivity rules when determining what or that which is beautiful, that is, taking the previous example, it may be that a table for me is very beautiful, because it adheres to my style preferences and made of wood, but for someone else, the same table, it may be unpleasant and they never bought it.

So, although there are established conventions, especially to determine the physical beauty of people, the subjective quota that each one contributes when determining what is beautiful is also important.

The observer's gaze turns out to be fundamental in this sense as well and the one that will finally define something as beautiful or not for himself.

The experiences, the love that something or someone arouses in us, the aesthetic visions that each one develops in his life by different agents, will be determining factors when it comes to influencing what is seen or not as beautiful.

That which stands out for its ethics or nobility

Another use that we usually give to the word beautiful is to refer that which stands out for its nobility or for its beauty in the moral plane.

Therefore it is that when someone displays an action, a behavior, which is characterized especially by altruism, it will be talked about in terms of beautiful. "Your decision to take care of your grandmother is beautiful at this time when her health is so delicate.”

So, although this concept is mostly associated with its application to those people who have a pleasant physical appearance proportional to the senses, it also applies a lot in relation to immaterial issues, such as the one just mentioned in the example, the attitude of caring for someone who you need it; or also when someone has kind and overcoming ideas to help those who demand it, they can be pointed out as beautiful.

Taking into account the two aforementioned senses, we must say that the one or the one who qualifies as beautiful will always cause a positive impact on the other, whether in aesthetic or moral matters.

Normally, people appreciate what is beautiful on the aesthetic or moral level, and for that matter it is that in front of them you will have a look of acceptance, will value them, and will stand out precisely for that reason.

In other words, people tend to prefer beautiful things, people or actions over those on the opposite side, and which are therefore horrible or despicable.

Colloquial use

And in the colloquial use of some Spanish-speaking countries, the word beautiful is used to account for that or that which presents the qualities of broad, large, healthy and vigorous.

Meanwhile, the synonym we use the most instead of beautiful is pretty , which also allows us to express that or that which is presented as extremely pleasant to our senses.

Meanwhile, the word ugly, is the one that directly opposes the term that concerns us, because that which is ugly, presents an unfavorable aspect and causes displeasure at the sensory level.