what is accountability »definition and concept

In the business sphere, the term accountability is used, an English term that does not have a precise translation in Spanish. In our language we speak of personal responsibility or individual attitude.

Commitment, proactivity and responsibility

This concept could be defined as the optimal way of working in an organization. Thus, when a company acts responsibly and with a proactive attitude, it is possible to affirm that there is accountability in that company. According to experts, there are three factors related to this issue: individual commitment, initiative based on proactivity and personal responsibility.

People who have this concept incorporated in their way of working carry success within them and do not depend on external conditions. In other words, if someone believes that his failure or success does not depend on him, his approach is doomed. In this way, accountability is an absolute predisposition to assume individual responsibility. In the business world, this type of mindset is considered the paradigm of leadership.

Experts in business coaching argue that the idea of ​​accountability is essential to foster the emotional intelligence of managers and, at the same time, to increase the productivity of a company.

The opposite of accountability

In many business organizations certain personal attitudes express the opposite idea of ​​accountability. In this way, those who have the habit of blaming others or make all kinds of excuses to avoid their responsibility, are taking a position contrary to the ideal way of working.

A theme of the Anglo-Saxon culture that does not always fit into the Latino culture

For an Englishman or an American, the word accountability expresses a specific idea, accountability. Thus, a worker must be accountable to his superiors for what he has done (how much he has produced, what steps he has taken, etc.).

In the Latin world there are also ways to establish individual responsibility and accountability mechanisms, but there is a different work culture. However, the term accountability is gradually imposing itself in Latin American business culture.

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