portfolio definition

Folder or briefcase that organizes papers or work items

A portfolio, also called portfolios, is a folder, briefcase or portfolio, generally, handheld that is used to store and transport documents, books or any other object that you want, although the two categories mentioned are usually the ones that are stored the most there.

It is also a fashion accessory most often used by office workers.

Office workers usually carry their most important work papers through the portfolio and thus it is possible to have them with you in the office and at home, if you want to finish a job or follow a topic from home; Electronic devices such as: cell phone, laptop, tablet, among others, also occupy a preferential place in portfolios.

Although we cannot reduce the use of the portfolio to a particular profession, we must say that there are professionals who tend to make greater use of this accessory, such is the case of lawyers and accountants. The reason for this situation is found in the fact that they are professionals who work a lot with papers and therefore must have a comfortable element that can be easily transferred.

Investment portfolio: financial assets in which it is invested

On the other hand, the term is also used with recurrence in In the financial sphere, an investment portfolio turns out to be the set of financial assets (tangible and intangible assets of a company) in which it is invested. Commonly, it is made up of a mix of fixed income and variable income instruments in such a way as to be able to balance the risk that may occur. According to experts in the field, a good and equitable distribution in the investment portfolio will distribute the aforementioned risk in different financial instruments such as: stocks, time deposits, cash, bonds, international currencies, mutual funds, goods roots, among the most recurrent. This situation is known in the world of finance as diversifying the investment portfolio.

Those instruments classified as fixed income ensure a fixed return at the time of investment but with a much lower return than that of a variable income instrument, which although it does not ensure an initial return, in the future, it can report returns. much more important than fixed income.

Modern Portfolio Theory is the investment theory that precisely addresses this issue that we mentioned, of maximizing return and minimizing risk through careful selection of components.

Use in education

For its part, a classroom portfolio It turns out to be the set of evidence of all kinds that on the one hand will allow the teacher and on the other, the student, reflect on the learning process. It is one of the clearest ways when evaluating the processes, because it helps the student to control their learning and the teacher to take measures regarding the process; introduce changes if anomalies are perceived or follow the same path if, on the contrary, the results are optimal.

Compendium of works and works in which a professional or artist shows their performance

And the other reference that the term admits is to refer to the series of works or jobs that a professional presents when applying for a vacant job position, or failing that, to offer their professional performance to an individual who does not know their trajectory. Visual artists, graphic designers, photographers, among others, tend to use the portfolio a lot to present their most important creations that demonstrate their work profile and also to get a job.

At present, and thanks to the benefits that the internet offers us, most of these professionals have virtual portfolios that can be accessed with just one click.

Given the importance of the portfolio in this context, we must say that there are some keys to making an efficient and successful portfolio, including: thoroughly demonstrating the artist's profile through selected works that just show their distinctive signs; do not exceed the sample of works even if they are good; always show what differentiates us from colleagues or competition.

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