definition of priority

The word priority comes from the Latin praelatio, which means priority of something over something else. The term priority is a cultism that is used infrequently in colloquial language.

Thus, instead of talking about the priority of the topics to be discussed, it is more common to refer to the priority or most relevant topics.

A priority list indicates a set of aspects, in such a way that some are more urgent than others. The idea of ​​priority usually refers to a certain order, in which an aspect or a person has a certain preference.

In the sphere of law

In the legal field there is the so-called right of priority. It consists of the fact of understanding that a person has some type of preference or privilege over another.

The order of priority of the laws is fundamental to understand any legal system of a nation

The idea of ​​priority in law is based on the priority of some laws over others. As a general criterion, this ordering of the laws according to their rank consists in establishing the law of higher hierarchy and in a lower plane the laws of lower rank.

In other words, from a fundamental norm (for example, the text of a constitution) it is possible to develop other secondary norms. If there were no order of priority in the laws, there would be all kinds of conflicts, since it would not be easy to specify which law should be applied in each case.

A matter of utmost importance is the establishment of the sources of the law, which present an order of priority. Thus, at a higher level are international treaties, then national constitutions, and later laws and regulations.

Priority tree

When organizing the language of computer programming, it is also necessary to establish an order of priority, that is, of priorities. In computer language we speak of the priority tree.

The concept of tree of prelations allows to organize any knowledge in which there is a structure similar to that of a tree. In this way, a study program or a business approach can be translated into a scheme in which priority aspects appear and secondary issues are considered in a branching manner.

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