definition of aeronautics

Aeronautics is that discipline that deals with the study, design and manufacture of mechanical devices capable of flying , and on the other hand, it also deals with the set of techniques that facilitate the control of an aircraft.

In addition, within aeronautics the aerodynamics, which is the discipline that focuses on the study of the movement and behavior of the air when an object is moving insideSuch is the case with aircraft.

Although they are usually talked about interchangeably, aeronautics should not be confused with aviation, since in reality the latter refers to the handling of airplanes.

The study of flight, that is to say of the possibilities that some object or artifact would undertake a flight such as that of birds, began far back in time, with the first attempts in the 9th century, while precisely the birds constituted a parameter. From which it was started to study the possibilities of the phenomenon of flying, since many scientists studied their flights in order to then be able to develop viable schemes for their creations to fly like birds did.

At present, aeronautics is controlled mainly by independent corporations and universities, although there are also some organizations dependent on the state that also deal with its study, such as the NASA in the United States and in Europe the European Space Agency.

For its part, Aeronautical engineering It is the area that deals with researching, designing, marketing and maintaining products such as airplanes, missiles and space satellites.

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