definition of fascination

Fascination can be described as that sensation or state in which a person is completely amazed, admired and interested in a phenomenon, another person or a detail. Fascination can often be confused or become an act of obsession if that admiration and attraction that one feels towards another or towards something becomes constant and irrational. Anyway, in general language the idea of ​​fascination always represents something positive while the notion of obsession already has negative inclinations.

Fascination is a state of the spirit and soul of a person that makes the individual show completely and entirely interested, attracted or fanatized by a phenomenon (for example, by football) or by a person. When speaking of fascination towards a person it may not necessarily be a romantic infatuation and this is so when, for example, someone is fascinated by a person with great wisdom, whom they feel unattainable both physically, mentally or emotionally. A common case of fascination can be between a student and his teacher.

In any case, when it comes to fascination, there are always many levels of emotion at the service of this fanaticism, which is why it is often difficult to distinguish between falling in love and simple admiration. In the case of reaching a fascination, we stop talking about something logical and start talking about purely emotional states of mind.

As we said, fascination can easily become an obsession and this happens when the person cannot lead a normal life due to fanaticism and the feeling of constant obsession that this generates. The obsession can be negative since it supposes that the person can get to hurt himself or others if he does not obtain what he is obsessed with. This does not always happen with the fascination state.

It is often difficult to make a fascination disappear and this will depend primarily on the character of the person, which means that those with more dependent and possessive personalities will have an easier time developing a fascination or possible obsession with something while those more rational may avoid it more easily.

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