definition of sourcing

The catering is that action that consists of stock up on what is necessary to live or what is basic to carry out a certain activity. For example, to survive, human beings, we need food and drink with which we provide for them through different ways and that will be called supply.

Also, the supply is considered as a economic activity that has the mission of meeting the needs of an economic entity, including a family, a company, a community in general, while it must be done in accordance with a satisfactory time, manner and quality, that is, the supply of Materials, supplies, goods and products must reach everyone and not a few, because otherwise the supply would not meet its objective.

This activity is registered in the logistics and supply chain areas, if the supply breaks down or suffers a problem, the stock is directly affected, as we will see later.

Among the synonyms that we mostly use instead of this concept stands out that of supply, which precisely refers to the supply of everything that is considered necessary to carry out an activity or live, as we have already indicated.

Meanwhile, on the opposite sidewalk we meet at shortage which is precisely the word used to indicate the lack of all those inputs, goods and materials necessary for an activity or for the life of a person and their family, among others.

The shortage scenarios are quite common in moments of union conflicts with those sectors that precisely have the mission of supplying a sector or a community with something. For example, truckers are in charge of satisfying the arrival of provisions of all kinds to pantries and cities, while when they are in a union conflict their activity is affected and so much so that it has repercussions, for example, in the gondolas of supermarkets that lack the products that they usually transport in normal times.