suggestion definition

The proposition or hint of an idea

The concept of suggestion is widely used in our language and it is also a question that people do a lot in different situations and contexts, because the suggestion is the proposition or hint of an idea in the face of a question that generates it. And normally in our language we usually use the word as a synonym for advice and recommendation.

Recommendation or advice

For example, we are going to have lunch at a restaurant and we consider that the attention, the table service, lacked attention, we can leave the suggestion to the maitre d ', or many restaurants, places of sale of goods and services, have a book in which one can leave a suggestion, which we believe can improve the customer service.

Following the example of a restaurant, it is common for these places to offer diners suggestions of dishes. “The suggestion of the day are panzzottis a la scarparo”.

In the letters or menus, there is a page that is precisely dedicated to mentioning the various suggestions of the chef. Likewise, the waiters have the mission of reminding customers of those suggestions of the day.

Suggestions can also be about the most diverse issues, from the recommendation to buy something specific because it is considered to be of the highest quality compared to other proposals: “my mother made me the suggestion to buy at the hypermarket because they have better products and better prices".

Or you can also make suggestions that correspond to the personal sphere: “my suggestion is that you leave that job, you earn little and they exploit you”.

The suggestion, a way to improve the service

In companies that produce goods and services, it is very common to have a suggestion book or card. In both alternatives, customers can tell about their service experience and if they have a suggestion, they can obviously add it to them. The idea of ​​this is to be able to improve care and address those issues that are especially criticized.

Meanwhile, for consumers, users, or clients, this turns out to be very important since it is a way of feeling heard by those that one chooses when buying goods and services, knowing that our opinion is valued is important.

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