definition of bohemian

Person who lives according to the ideals of Bohemia: freedom and nonconformity

The word Bohemian has several references ...One of the most widespread is the one that says that bohemian is that person who leads a lifestyle known as Bohemia, which certainly differs from the conventional one that most people follow and in which those who are privileged above all things linked to art and culture, to the detriment of other rather superficial issues such as materials. Among the most recurrent characteristics observed in a bohemian, freedom and nonconformity can be cited as the main drivers of action and behavior..

Disinterest in material issues and interest in the cultural and intellectual

Then, the bohemian will be a person who likes to philosophize, intellectualize instead of going shopping. He will surrender to a book, a plastic or theater work and not a single hair will move him all that is associated with the media and without content.

The bohemian will also put very little interest in the external appearance of people and that is why their appearance can be considered by the rest as careless or untidy, close to the presence of hippies. And this is so, because for the bohemian there are issues that have to do with the spirit, with deeper things, and that are more important than following the fashion or trend of the moment.

The term also allows us to refer to bohemia in general, as the community of people who decide to live in the way we mentioned above.: free, in permanent nonconformity, surrounded by cultural and artistic issues and very, very far from anything that supposes or has a material appeal. Generally, this community of people tends to meet to discuss and share their motivations in places specially designed for this purpose and that meet certain cultural characteristics, for example, artistic centers or bars that have a recognized trajectory in art and culture and that for This, due to the bohemian mystique that they perspire, turns out to be ideal at the time of the bohemian meeting.

Cultural movement exercised by artists and intellectuals of the 19th century

Bohemia is the way in which a cultural movement that expressed the aforementioned cultural and lifestyle characteristics was called in the 19th century and that was practiced at that time by artists and intellectuals almost exclusively.

Origin of the concept

The concept of bohemia to refer to this lifestyle was imposed by chance we could say, since when the French author Henri Murguer defined it in his work Scènes de la Vie de Bohème he did not propose it, however, that way of life that he described in the play ended up earning that term. The success of the work not only made him take off as an author but also served so that his title ended up being the name of that lifestyle that mixes intellectuality with contempt for the material.

Everything related to or typical of the Czech city of Bohemia

And on the other hand, the bohemian term is used to refer to everything relative or typical of the Czech city of Bohemia.

Bohemia is together with Moravia and Silesia one of the three historical regions of the Czech Republic and its capital is the beautiful and appreciated city of Prague.

Prague is a city that is located on the banks of the Vltava River and as we said, the historical heritage that it boasts added to the scenic and urban beauty made it a World Heritage Site many years ago and of course its admiration and visits have been in crescendo with the years.

People who enjoy traveling and seeing beautiful places in the world cannot skip from their itineraries to this beautiful city, one of the most beautiful in Europe.

In reality, the name of bohemia to designate the way of life to which we were referring arose precisely from this city ​​rendezvous in the czech republic, because from it, in the 19th century, a huge number of gypsy groups left for other European countries, which lived and proposed social values ​​that were absolutely opposed to those proposed by the conservative and sedentary bourgeoisie at that time, for this and from there, the intellectuals began to be called also with the term of bohemians.

Meanwhile, the city of Bohemia borders Poland, Austria and Germany, geographically characterized by the mountain ranges that surround it, while industry, agriculture and mining turn out to be its main economic activities.

The term also designates the language spoken in Bohemia.

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