definition of deliberate

The word deliberate designates the action of thinking deeply and carefully about alternatives, issues that occur or present in our lives, and then, after that analysis, make a decision.

In any deliberation there is a confrontation of ideas, interests and even prejudices. Who intervenes in a deliberation presents his ideas and his arguments and contrasts them with the position of others.

As a unanimous agreement on a controversial issue is not always easy to reach, sometimes an attempt is made to resolve this disparity of criteria through a vote, in which the position that receives the most support is decided.

Deliberation as a form of debate and exchange of ideas is a clear example of cultural. In this sense, the idea of ​​democracy as understood by the Greeks was based on the concept of isegory, whose meaning is very revealing: everyone has the right to express their ideas.

Democracy depends on another principle, isonomy (we are all equal before the law). In this way, in any discussion we have, we are accepting isegory and isonomy as unavoidable aspects. If there is no idea of ​​equality and there is no respect for all opinions, it would not make sense to speak of deliberation.

At judicial field It is frequent that we find ourselves with this action, deployed by judges, because it is they who, after observing everything inherent in a judicial case and deliberating how much element has intervened or intervenes in it, will finally reach a decision, for example, acquittal. or conviction of a criminal.

The deliberations of the popular jury

Some trials incorporate the figure of the popular jury. A group of people listen to the arguments of the lawyers of the two parties in dispute. When the reasons have already been stated, the group of citizens who make up the jury has to decide who is right and what their verdict is. To do this, he meets in the jury deliberation room (a term that is a direct translation from English, jury deliberation room).

On the other hand, this word is also used to express the fact of having decided to do something after having thought it through thoroughly. "The team deliberated that it is best for Juan to take a break because the way he works does not perform as well as the team should".

It should be noted that one of its synonyms, that of reflect, beats it a bit in terms of length, that is, it is much more common for people to express themselves through the word reflect rather than deliberate when they want to indicate that they have carefully considered an issue.

In almost all areas and levels of life it is necessary that we smoke carry this action, that is, that we deliberate, reflect on various issues, situations, alternatives, because it is known that it is especially in this way that we will be close of what is correct and of success. Because when someone anticipates the elections, decisions, that is, acts without reflection, normally, they are wrong and that can bring serious damage to their life.

Now, to deliberate between two options, for example, it will be essential first to have an in-depth knowledge of both alternatives, the advantages and disadvantages and, on the other hand, to enjoy the peace of mind to carry out the action in the best possible way.

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