definition of electrical circuit

Electric circuit is the name given to an electrical connection that can serve different uses. An electrical circuit can be more or less large depending on the need or the function but it must always have a number of important elements so that the energy can be transmitted from one space to another and reach its final goal.

The electrical circuit is something that many times we do not see but that is present in all those elements that depend on electricity to function, for which it can be established that a large part of the objects that we use today have some type of electrical circuit internally .

The characteristics that describe an electrical circuit are, on the one hand, that it has to connect two or more parts through a closed loop or circuit. This is so that the electricity is always moving and directed rather than getting lost in space, which would also be dangerous. The parts that make up an electrical circuit are mainly the component, the nodes, the source, the conductor. The component is one of the points over which the electricity will pass and travel within the circuit, while the nodes are the junctions of various parts of the circuit in its path, for example when two conductive cables are joined at one or more points. The conductor is that cable itself, the one that conducts electricity while the source will be the component responsible for transforming the energy, they can be intensity or voltage.

There are different types of electrical circuits that vary according to the characteristic and the use that can be given to each one. The signals can be different, so we can speak of direct current and alternating current. Regarding the type of regime, we must speak of periodic current, transitory current and permanent current. Finally, we can talk about electrical as well as electronic circuits. In any case, the electrical circuit is an element that can vary in simplicity or complexity according to the function it fulfills, since some will have to have more elements while others will be simpler and more direct.

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