definition of body expression

The concept of corporal expression is used to refer to those people who use their body, the movements and forms that they can achieve with it to express different types of ideas. Generally, the notion of corporal expression is applied to artists such as dancers, choreographers, mimes, etc., who work with their body more than with the word. The art of corporal expression always requires great mastery and knowledge of one's own body as well as greater expressiveness since it must be possible to transmit with movements what others say with words.

Body expression is an activity normally performed by characters such as artists, dancers, mimes, etc. This activity consists of using the body to represent ideas, feelings, sensations. Thus, a dancer expresses love, fear or joy in a work much better with his body than with words or by reciting a text. Normally, it is of the utmost importance for those who work with their body to have a good physical condition since they put it on permanent display and this activity can require a great deal of wear and tear depending on the specific discipline. It is considered that people who work with body expression rather than spoken language can develop expressive forms much deeper and more felt than ordinary people.

However, body language should not be understood simply as an artistic discipline. In this sense, all human beings (and even animals) express ideas or sensations with the body. Facial gestures are, for example, one of the best known cases: one may not be saying anything but showing with his facial expression his discontent, joy, emotion. In addition, issues such as posture, the way you sit, the way you walk, the way you talk or converse with another person are all elements that imply a certain body expressiveness that is particular and unique to each person.

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