definition of practice

The concept of practice can be used with several different meanings. It can even, depending on the context, act as a noun (for example when it is said "with practice it improves") but also as an adjective (if it is said for example "doing exercises is practical for health"). In any case, the term always has to do with the notion of something that is to be done, that is carried out and that requires certain knowledge or perseverance for the results to be as expected.

When the term is used as a noun, we are talking about any trade, activity or action that is carried out constantly and with commitment so that it is not a particular event at one time or a circumstance. The practice becomes a regular action that is carried out for different objectives. One can be to improve and obtain an increasingly superior performance, for example when talking about chess practice, a sport, studying, cooking, etc. In this sense, practice is understood as 'the act of doing' something on a regular basis that implies the possible obtaining of good results in performance. On the other hand, the word practice is commonly used in the field of medicine to refer to different areas such as the practice of anesthesiology, traumatology, dermatology, etc. In this case, the term becomes more abstract and serves to designate the area where this activity takes place regularly. Thus, in the catalogs of areas or services that a hospital, a health center or a social work can offer, practices such as the different areas covered within that institution are discussed.

Furthermore, the term practice can also be understood as an adjective. In this way, something is considered practical when it is useful and positive, that is, it can provide benefits for those who carry it out. Something practical is something relatively simple to do, that involves solutions or benefits and that is recommended. An example of this is when students are recommended to make synoptic tables of the texts they read because they are considered a practical element to obtain better results.