definition of electrical energy

Electric energy is the form of energy that will result from the existence of a potential difference between two points, a situation that will allow an electric current to be established between both points if they are placed in contact through an electrical conductor to obtain the aforementioned work.

Meanwhile, electrical energy is an energy capable of transforming into many other forms of energy how to be: the light energy, thermal energy and mechanical energy.

The process works in the following way ... the electrical energy will be transformed into electrical current by means of a metallic conductor cable by the potential difference that a generator is at that moment applying at its ends. Therefore, every time we operate a switch of any device, what happens is the closing of an electrical circuit, generating the relevant movement of electrons through the conductive wire, the charges that will move are part of the atoms.

The main use that is given to this type of energy is at the behest of the technology as one of its fundamental pillars, having for the human being, except in very complex and singular applications, a direct utility. The reason for indiscriminate use, both in processes and in devices of the most diverse nature, is mainly due to the following issues: cleanliness and simplicity at the time of its generation, easy transport, conversion into other forms of energy.

The generation of this type of energy can be carried out in many different ways and through different strategies, while the one that takes advantage of the rotating movement of direct current or alternating current will be the one that allows the supply of the greatest amount and power of electricity, for For example, the current of a waterfall, which is produced when the wind blows.

The generation of electrical energy is one of the most basic human activities, while, of the different forms of use of it, electricity is the one that causes the least impact on the environment, compared to other conventional energy sources and not conventional.