definition of implement

The word implement allows to express the action of putting into practice, measures and methods, among others, to specify an activity, plan, or mission, in other alternatives.

Implementing is a word that is part of our everyday language and that then as such we usually use it in various contexts and settings.

In our daily life when we start some new action; in a company, when a plan is implemented to, for example, increase sales; in political matters, when a government decides to give way to a measure aimed at reducing the high unemployment rate, such as the creation of a thousand new jobs, among others.

Then, in the field of politics, it is one of the contexts in which it is more frequent to hear about implementing, and as we just indicated, it consists of the installation and compliance of a public policy that is decided with the mission of solving some aspect or to improve the reality of another.

Now, what is implemented, before becoming a concrete issue goes through a series of phases, that is, it first arises from the ideas of public officials who have the responsibility of thinking about public policies that produce changes and improvements for the sector. in which they are working. Meanwhile, once these ideas are approved by the pertinent authorities, they continue their course to reach a legal framework that definitively installs them and also guarantees their observation and compliance, and in the opposite case, of their non-compliance, impose a punishment for the same.

And in another context in which the use of the word implement is common is that of the computing, since in it the term is used to designate the realization of a technical individualization, such is the case of a program. A good part of the implementations in this area are the result of a standard.

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