team definition

A team is a group of people who come together in order to achieve a common goal. A graphic and concrete example of a team are, worth the redundancy, soccer teams, whose purpose of their union is to achieve one of the championships they dispute. The footballers of the same sports organization will work as a team and form a team to achieve their goal.

Then, the characteristic feature of a team will be to achieve the purpose for which they joined and from this it also follows that any group is not in itself a team, this could be the case of a group of friends, that is, clearly They are made up of a group but they do not keep to achieve any purpose together, but simply empathy, affection, love unites them and not a commercial or sporting purpose as is the case of the one we use as an example.

But teamwork and a work team are not the same, although in the case we use as an example, these are two issues that will necessarily go hand in hand. Because the work team is the set of people assigned, according to their specific skills and competencies, to meet a certain goal under the orders of a coordinator. Here the footballers are the people who carry out the task thanks to their ability with the ball and the technical director is the one who acts as the coordinator of this group.

And teamwork are the strategies, procedures and methods that the group will use to achieve its goal. Here we can do the parallelism through the tactic that the technical director will decide to use and that in turn will transmit to his players so that they can capture it on the field of play and can achieve the first goal that will be to win the game.

Meanwhile, in the business field, towards the end of the last century, many theorists and scholars of the matter popularized the use of the concept and the promotion of teams to bring to fruition and to be able to fulfill the aims and objectives of a company, whatever be your heading. For this "school" the teams are usually the most indicated when leading and directing large-scale projects within a company.

For the proper functioning of the team it is necessary: ​​a good communication channel, harmonious environment, responsibility of its members, planning and coordination, among the most important.

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