definition of dossier

A Dossier is a set of documents or reports about a specific subject or person. It turns out to be a widely used tool within the field of business, in science, among scientists to exchange information, in the press, to exercise their task of informing and in Public Relations.

In the latter case, it is formally known as Press kit and it is a set of documents, enclosed, containing highly detailed information about the activity to be carried out. It is a basic and essential document in any public relations campaign since it will contain information that will reinforce and complement a press release, showing a more documentary than newsworthy importance, but which should not lack that journalistic value of any note. For example, in a conference, those in charge of the Public Relations area will be in charge of preparing the Dossier and that each attendee has one to know in depth the subject discussed.

Among the elements that should not be missing in a Dossier are the following: presentation, development and result of that matter or person on which it is concerned.

For example, if it is about an economic group in which the companies that make it up will be found out, a brief description of its origin and beginnings will be outlined, its participation in the market in which it operates, the model of business that carries out and distinguishes it from the rest, its international projection, its formats, its main productions, the distinctive signs of each brand that integrates it, its staff and its trajectory.

A Dossier can be printed on paper or made in digital format. Meanwhile, digital turns out to be the cheapest Dossier proposal. One of the cheapest and easiest ways to make a digital dossier it is through the Acrobat PDF program, a standard when it comes to digital presentations.

Also, sometimes a website turns out to be the very dossier of a company or business.

Another way to make a Dossier is with videos, although of course, the cost will be much more important.