definition of customer

A client is both for business and marketing and for computing an individual, subject or entity that accesses resources, products or services provided by another.

For business, the client is that individual who, mediating a financial transaction or barter, acquires a product and / or service of any kind (technological, gastronomic, decorative, furniture or real estate, etc.). A customer is synonymous with buyer or consumer and they are classified as active and inactive, frequent or occasional purchase, high or low purchase volume, satisfied or dissatisfied, and according to whether they are potential. The salesperson or marketer must make sure to take into account both the needs and expectations of each customer.

In turn, for computing, a computer or process is called a client that accesses resources provided by another computer or server, often remotely. It is a computer application that has the purpose of accessing those same services through digital technologies.

A computer client today is a program that exclusively requires the connection with another program that is usually on another computer or server. Thus, in order to obtain external data, interact with other users, share information and use remote resources, a client is required. A typical computer client, although we do not consider it as such, is the web browser, which allows other servers to offer utilities and applications without the need for the user to install a new program.

There can be clients of all kinds. The best light or "dumb", are the ones that by themselves cannot execute any real operation beyond connecting to the server. But nowadays there are complex clients, which use Java languages ​​and DHTML functions to give more functionality to the user. These can be called hybrid clients, since it not only connects to the server, but is also capable of processing data for use. Another case is that of heavy clientsAlthough they can store and process data, they need a server for most of their utilities. A typical example of these is email programs.

In recent years, peer-to-peer computer networks, called "peer-to-peer", in which it is understood that there are no fixed clients or servers, but a series of nodes that behave both as one and as another alternatively or simultaneously to share files and data between different computers.

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