definition of incest

Long understood as a taboo element in many human societies (although not in all), the phenomenon of incest is of considerable complexity. When we speak of incest, we refer to the sexual relationships that can be established between people who are relatives or who maintain blood ties with each other (for example, between siblings, cousins ​​or parents and children). The notion of incest is present both in societies and civilizations of great modernism and cultural advancement, as well as in primitive societies that remain completely isolated from the rest of the world.

The notion of incest is considered taboo because it is a socially prohibited act or at least extremely frowned upon by the other members of society. In a certain sense, although the idea of ​​incest has to do more than anything with a sociological limitation, of identity, it is also considered possible that the product of sexual relations between relatives derives in individuals with different levels of disability or mental deficiency.

One of the most mentioned and widespread issues when creating the notion of incest is one that assumes that as long as it exists, the continuity of the human race will be in clear danger. This is so because by maintaining the different social relationships (not only sexual) in an intra-family way, human groups would never contact each other and would therefore be destined to disappear. The opening of the family bosom and the progressive abandonment of the close bond that the family supposes is, in short, what keeps the human race alive and growing.

Throughout history, human beings have shown great interest in the question of incest, precisely because it is a taboo, prohibited phenomenon. Thus, not only in real life, but also in great and famous literary and artistic works, the question of incest is present despite being socially known as a problem for human continuity.

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