definition of bakery

Bakery is the business specialized in the production and sale of different types of bread, as well as all kinds of products made from flour and dough rolls. A bakery can then sell, in addition to bread, bills, cookies and crackers, thin doughs, cakes, muffins, pizza dough, cakes and in some cases also savory foods.

The bakery is one of the most traditional and popular places since the products found there are of great variety and can be among the cheapest on the market (especially when it comes to bread). However, a bakery can sell high-quality and very exquisite products such as cakes or thin doughs.

The style of the bakery as a local has changed with the times. In this sense, today we can find many bakery establishments that make their own production (which occurs in most cases), while other establishments are only responsible for selling products that are made in a larger plant or in another bakery. . In the first case, the retail store is accompanied by a bakery that is located immediately after it and where all the products to be sold are prepared.

At the same time, bakeries today have been able to attract new and more customers by integrating a self-service system in which consumers choose the products for themselves. Also, many bakeries nowadays include tables and chairs that serve as a cafeteria and from which you can enjoy the products made in the same bakery.

The elements that are used in a bakery are usually related to the dough: flours, sugars, leavening agents, fatty or non-fatty liquids, butter or margarine, flavorings, spices, preservatives and all kinds of pastry products that are mainly used for decoration. One of the most important characteristics of a bakery is the freshness of the products since they are made and sold on the same day (on the contrary, many of them harden and lose flavor over time).

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