definition of good treatment

By living in society, humans relate to each other in all areas of life, within the family, at work, at school or on the street. In any circumstance, there is an unwritten law according to which it is desirable that good treatment prevails between individuals.

What is the good deal?

Although there is no clear and definitive definition of what a good deal is, it is possible to mention some of its main characteristics.

- The adoption of a respectful and tolerant posture towards others.

- The use of shared educational standards.

- The kind treatment in personal relationships.

- The ability to feel understanding and closeness to others, which is commonly known as empathy.

- The non-imposition of one's own ideas on others.

- The predisposition to help those who need it.

We could say that the characteristics mentioned above are ingredients of what is considered a good deal. In this sense, good treatment is associated with a series of values, such as tolerance, respect or altruism. Obviously, the other side of the coin would consist of a whole series of negative behaviors: going against the rules of education, being intolerant, selfish, rude or aggressive.

The fake good deal

One of the most unique human peculiarities is lying. Good treatment can be sincere and authentic or, on the contrary, hypocritical and false. Although it is not possible to easily differentiate one from the other, it is evident that there are people who hide behind good treatment as a manipulation mechanism or as a way to keep up appearances. In this way, if someone wants to cheat on another person, one way to do it is through good treatment to gain the trust of the other. Expressions such as "he seemed charming" or "he was a very educated man" are often used to refer to people who have finally been discovered as swindlers or tricksters and, therefore, their good treatment was nothing more than a strategy.

The different faces of the concept

From an ethical point of view, good treatment is considered a universal moral principle, as it is a concept that can be understood by any human being on the planet.

From the point of view of psychology, it is a mechanism that helps us feel better, because we treat others as we would like them to treat us. From the perspective of everyday life, human relationships are enriched when good coexistence is practiced, that is, good treatment.

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