definition of intervention

Depending on the context in which it is used, the word intervention will present different meanings ...

Action of intervening something with the mission of ordering it

In its broadest and most general use, intervention involves the action and effect of intervening something, a situation, an office, a state, among others.

Normally this sense is used to account for the interposition of an authority in some area or institution that demands by force majeure an order, which has been lost due to some extraordinary situation.

For example, an organization that suffers a crisis of internal power and then, the higher authority decides to intervene with new authorities to rearm its order and thus be able to guarantee its operation.

The state or power in turn of a nation usually intervenes in various ways when a conflict arises within its region or in an immediately neighboring region.

Types of interventions

There are different types of interventions: Military intervention (Also called armed intervention, it is the one normally carried out by a state over a foreign territory, either by simple threat or by occupation; it can be permanent or temporary and in most cases requires the use of force), diplomatic intervention (when representations, whether oral or written, are addressed to the state in which it is intervened) and federal intervention (when in a federal government system, the central government assumes the direction of the government of one or more autonomous governments).

Military intervention is a very common and common action that some states deploy when a conflict situation occurs somewhere.

One of the most recent in this sense and most sadly remembered by the victims it left behind was the military intervention of the United States in Iraq, within the framework of its fight against jihadist terrorism and the tyrannical government of Saddam Hussein.

On the other hand, the economic intervention or also called interventionism, It is the action that the public administration deploys with the objective of regulating or redirecting the activity of another public or private sector, stipulating new norms or carrying out certain activities in its place. Of course, an intervention of this type will curtail the autonomy that the intervened area has had up to now.

Interventionism, but with humanitarian characteristics, also tends to spread from one state, or set of these to another, which, due to a complex and serious state of affairs, demands assistance to improve its situation and that of its population.

For example, in the face of a natural catastrophe, a war, or contexts of extreme poverty.

Not only will humanitarian aid materialized in food, medicine and professional medical care be sent, but also economic funds will be allocated to help in reconstruction.

Office occupied by the controller

The office occupied by the controller will be referred to as intervention.

Another widely used term is to refer to a surgical operation, practiced within the framework of medicine by a specialized professional such as the surgeon.

Operation that a surgeon performs on a patient to cure him

When a person presents a certain physical difficulty, an illness, or suffers an accident that leaves him badly injured, with the mission of improving his condition, it is common for doctors to indicate surgical intervention.

It may be planned or carried out urgently in an emergency.

The intervention of this type is carried out in a specially conditioned place known as an operating room, which is located at the request of a hospital or health center.

Whenever a surgical intervention is carried out, it must be done in this place since it is prepared to be able to attend any contingency that may occur since it is equipped with special equipment.

Surgeons and nurses are the healthcare professionals who are admitted to this space.

We must say that there are general surgeons who operate for example hernias, cysts, among other conditions, and also surgeons who specialize in areas of the human body that may present some health complication such as the heart, arteries, uterus, among others.

On the other hand it is known as Social intervention to that programmed and legally justified action that will be carried out on an individual or group, with special emphasis on their psycho-evolutionary profiles in order to improve their social situation.

And in the field of art, when we talk about intervention we are talking about the action that an artist performs on a previous work of art with the intention of completing it, or failing that, modifying it to add a new criterion.

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