definition of comprehensive health

The Health is defined by World Health Organization as the state of physical, emotional and social well-being of an individual and not just the mere absence of a disease.

In this sense, when talking about health, it is important that the individual have a healthy body, a healthy mind, adapt and develop properly and in harmony with their environment.

This concept of health integrates several elements, leading to a holistic vision that goes beyond the mere functioning of the organism, this ideal state of health depends on several factors, but perhaps the most important are the genetic factor and lifestyle.

Many studies conclude that lifestyle changes aimed at a healthy and balanced diet, the regular practice of physical activity, the implementation of relaxation techniques, the quality and quantity of sleep, the adoption of preventive measures against various risks and accidents , as well as the periodic visit to the doctor are key to achieve a good state of health and also to maintain it over time.

However, the concept of comprehensive health must encompass that of quality of life, in this sense facts such as advances in medical research, the increase in life expectancy at birth that increases the elderly population, availability treatments capable of prolonging life and greater access to resources means that people who develop chronic diseases can live longer, although they are not healthy since they suffer from some type of disease, if it is possible that they are well controlled, without any symptom or manifestation with which they can enjoy an excellent quality of life.

The best way to achieve optimal health, or comprehensive health, is by adopting preventive measures that prevent or delay the onset of chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, degenerative joint and nervous system diseases and even cancer . Prevention can be put into practice even after the appearance of these alterations, in this case it is a secondary prevention that aims to prevent the appearance or development of complications and allow the individual to carry out their different activities independently and Independent.

Comprehensive health is achieved with much more than a simple medical treatment, in it the treatment is one of its constituent elements that must be put into practice in conjunction with the changes in the lifestyle and in the mental attitude of each person.

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