definition of environment

The term environment according to the use that it can be referred to several questions. On the one hand, the fluid surrounding a body, especially the air and that remains in the physical space in which that body is found. An example of this is that of room temperature. On the other hand, with the term environment we can refer to set of typical and most common characteristics that correspond to a certain historical or cultural setting. And also another conception of the word of recurrent use is that it refers to the group, stratum or social sector to which a group or individual belongs.

Regularly, the word environment is used when you want to give an account of the state of air or atmosphere. It is often said that the environment is loaded when certain conditions converge to thicken the air we breathe.

In addition, environment is understood to be those physical, human, cultural and social conditions and circumstances that will surround people, animals or things, as appropriate. We see this type of use of the term very clearly when, for example, we visit the house of a plastic artist and everything that is there - a painting, a painting, a brush, photographs related to art, among others, refer us to the work of this and allow us to easily recognize that it is your environment. The same of course can be extended to other areas such as the university, family, rural, among others.

Also, when you want to express the idea of conducive, adequate or otherwise pleasant environment, we usually use the word environment. For example, a bar turns out to be the ideal environment for groups of friends to get together to chat about life, their concerns, joys, among other things.