apotheosis - definition, concept and what it is

The adjective apotheosis refers to a spectacular event that requires special attention and produces remarkable admiration. For example, it is possible to say that a movie actor achieved tremendous success with the box office of a movie that swept the cinema. In that case, it is an outstanding triumph that will be difficult for him to repeat in the future.

And it is that, precisely, something that is apotheosis has a certain extraordinary character. In the same way, we can say that a person who has organized an event has had a tremendous success in his call to have been supported by a large number of friends who have accompanied him on a special date.

Admirable beauty

In relation to art, this concept is synonymous with dazzling. For example, the word apotheosis has a lot of sound force, for this reason, it can be a term that describes by itself the subjective assessment that a spectator makes of the closing of a music concert where a theme is the finishing touch.

A tremendous ending is because it is memorable and worthy of future memory. In fact, the most important thing in a play, a movie or a show of this type is that the story goes from less to more in order to trap the viewer's heart in a deep catharsis of emotions. Opera is an especially intense genre that has moments of this kind.

On the other hand, we can also say with admiration that an athlete who has achieved important achievements in his sports curriculum has a tremendous career that is very difficult to match by other colleagues and rivals.

A tremendous farewell

When farewell to a successful footballer who announces his retirement, the farewell is also usually apotheosis with thousands of comments from followers who on social networks decide to show their regret and sadness.

We only enjoy fireworks on special occasions, they invade the sky with a visual and sound effect that is especially spectacular. An example of totally apotheosis beauty that is like being on top of a mountain and observing the world from above.

Throughout life, every human being has memorable achievements that mark highlights of their personal biography.

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