definition of ambiguous

The term ambiguous is a qualifying adjective that is used to indicate that something, a situation, or someone, a person or animal, is not entirely understandable in its behavior or actions, just as a situation may not be entirely clear or specific about something. Ambiguity, then, is a characteristic that can be applied to circumstances as well as to active people or beings.

When we speak of ambiguity, that something or someone is ambiguous, we are saying that that person or circumstance does not show us their true characteristics, but hides them or does not make them clear. This can be a specially made decision (such as when a person is clearly ambiguous on certain occasions depending on their interest and the audience with whom they are counted) or fortuitous (such as when a situation is difficult to understand or understand in their essence). If applied to people, ambiguity usually has a hint of negativity since it implies that the individual in question is not entirely honest or sincere but that he hides his true self under various facets, expressions or ways of thinking.

However, the notion of ambiguity or that something or someone is ambiguous can also be interesting or positive if it is understood as something that is not determinative and structured, but can vary over time or that can have different types of interpretation. . Here, the notion of ambiguous from a positive point of view is more related to issues such as forms of expression that allow each observer or reader to read or admire and interpret it according to their preferences or senses. This is seen particularly in works of art such as sculpture, painting or literature since each specific work can hide numerous meanings.