pattern definition

The pattern designates both a model or example to follow, such as a regulation or rule that must be respectedTherefore, we could say that a guideline is a precept to follow, either because it implies a good example, worthy of being imitated or followed by all, or failing that because it is an imposition that must be observed if you do not want to receive punishment for your omission.

Role model or standard to be followed

The guideline is a norm that tells us how we should do something so that it is seen as correct and adequate and thus avoid disorder or disharmony.

There are guidelines that tell us how we should behave in a given situation, in the performance of a task, a role, and not to mention those activities that are scheduled from beginning to end and then no one can change anything proposed.

I am going to take into account all the guidelines that my uncle gave me, I cannot fail, he fulfilled them and today he is a super successful man in all aspects.”

The institution that we run has very specific guidelines that everyone must follow if they want to remain in it. The teacher gave us some guidelines to solve the test problem but they were not enough.”

Instrument that facilitates the drawing of parallel lines on a paper

On the other hand, the word guideline is also used to designate the instrument that allows us to draw parallel and equidistant lines on a paper. Its use is of great help at the time of writing and that what we write is not distorted in the lines.

Likewise, the term is used to refer to the stripe or the set of stripes that are made with this instrument.

I got a wake-up call from my teacher for not using the guideline correctly.”

Meanwhile, in the music field the guideline is parallel and equidistant line on which the musical signs will be written.

Advertising guideline: what is it and how is it applied so that companies sell more products and services

For its part, a advertising schedule It is the set of advertising spaces that are selected to communicate something, for example, a product, during a certain period of time.

Generally, the guidelines will imply the development of an advertising campaign with the aim of spreading some news, product or service.

The advertising pattern of the television programs of the state channel has risen a lot in price.”

Basically, the mass media, newspapers, television, radio, magazines, and currently we cannot ignore some cases from the web, they are solved thanks to the advertising guidelines that private companies or the state carry out.

That is to say, they buy a portion of the advertising cake to communicate or show their products and thus the message will reach the public they want, or that the product increases its sales, as appropriate.

The salaries of those who work in these media, and everything that implies them, structures, scenographies, among others, come largely from this income, which, of course, is considered essential for the medium and its contents to survive.

However, there are different time slots within this universe of the advertising schedule, which allow advertisers to choose, depending on the audience of the program that is broadcast at this or that time, when they want their product to be advertised.

If it is a product for children, it will be sought to schedule times and programs in which children are watching TV.

As long as it is a service for women, the programs and times when there are more people watching TV, listening to the radio, or if it is the Internet, the site most visited by women, for example, will be studied.

On the other hand, we cannot ignore those special programs or events that are broadcast on television and that due to their importance capture the massive attention of the public, such as sports competitions such as the Olympic Games, or the Soccer World Cup, and then Many companies want to advertise beyond the high cost of the minute because they know that their product will achieve high visibility.