transaction definition

When we talk about a transaction we are talking about a different type of operation that is carried out between two or more parties and that involves the exchange of goods or services in exchange for the corresponding capital. Although the term can be applied to many situations and areas of daily life, it is normally used to indicate economic operations that involve the use of capital or money to pay the cost of the good or service acquired.

One of the elements that most clearly characterizes the notion of transaction is the idea of ​​mutual agreement between the parties that carry out the operation. This is so since in order for such an operation to be carried out, it is necessary for someone to have capital and for someone to offer a service or good appropriate to that amount of money requested. In general, the transaction occurs out of the need of one or both parties and may or may not generate a profit. The transaction can take many forms, styles, and methods, but it will always involve exchanging something for something else.

Transactions can also be operations that do not have to do with the purchase or sale of products or services. In this sense, we also know the term in the banking field in which numerous operations are known as transactions: they are actions that the client can perform to invest, reorganize or know their capital.

In other less common spaces in which the term 'transaction' is also used, it can be computer science (when talking about an information transaction from one port or destination to another), in psychology (when talking about analysis transactional that involves the transfer of values, communicative forms or traumas from one person to another). In all cases, regardless of the type of transaction in question, it ultimately refers to a specific type of operation.

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