scene definition

Each of the parts that make up a theatrical work is known as a scene, this in the case of the theater, while, in film and television, the representation of a certain situation carried out by the protagonists of a scene is called a scene. a movie or TV show.

The scene is then a fundamental part and a widely used and common concept in the world of cinema, theater and also television. Because the scene in addition to the recreation of a certain situation supposes the composition, according to the demands of the artistic piece in question, of the stage in the case of the theater, or of the plane in film and television, that is, in a scene not Only the protagonists who interact and who are undoubtedly the most attractive of what is told will show off, but also different elements, such as furniture, objects, decorations, lighting, makeup, wardrobe, among others, will also contribute to the determination and conformation of a scene.

Generally, the person responsible for directing the work of the actors in each of the scenes and for marking or recording each of these, that is, its beginning, its end, its best formulation, interpretation, will be the director, who is the one who will have in mind. his head the totality of the work that he will later decompose into small parts or scenes.

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