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A friend is the term that in our language we use extensively to designate that individual with whom a friendship is maintained.

Individual with whom a friendship is maintained and with whom a union of love is established and the desire to share and be close in good and bad times to support him

Meanwhile, the friendship It is an interpersonal relationship that two or more people maintain, and that is characterized especially by the affection, affection, and love that those involved in it profess each other, and that leads them to accompany each other in good times and bad people of the life of each one, and also to share outings, meetings, in which they talk about their lives and address other topics of interest.

Friendship, without a doubt, is one of the most important relationships that human beings cultivate throughout our lives, because from childhood we discover it, and if it is maintained through the years, a friendship can last as much as our own life.

Friendly relationships are based on a deep feeling between those involved, which can also be called love, but which obviously has different scope and characteristics than the love felt for a partner or a family member.

A relationship that lasts a lifetime, based on trust, companionship and equality

Compared to the love relationship, which can be interrupted at some point as a result of the couple separating, friendship, as we said, when it is solid, is maintained for life; There may be differences between friends, which are usually overcome through talk, but if it is strong and there is love between friends, it lasts unlike love ties.

Generally a friend share the same interests and concerns with us and that is what somehow marks the beginning of the relationship, although, it can also happen that we do not share too many tastes with a friend, but the love and support that we have, and he has us, is so great that it exceeds any kind of difference.

A fundamental component of the friendship for it to continue and take hold is that both parties feel a reciprocal trust that will move them to open up and tell each other what happens to them, be it good or bad.

Help and collaboration is also essential, because if a friend asks another for assistance and he does not respond or fails in this regard, surely, the friendship will be broken or resent.

And we cannot ignore that friendship implies a relationship of equal to equal, in which neither one nor the other is imposed.

The true friend will show solidarity with us in difficult situations and will feel our happiness as his own if necessary..

It should be noted that there are individuals who have a special disposition when it comes to friendship, and then, in a very short time, they become friends with whom they share outings, personal events, among other issues, on the other hand, there are people who, because they are more shy and less social, they have few friends that they have cultivated through the various stages of their lives.

And there are also individuals with certain defects in their social side who find it difficult to make friends, or maintain them over time.

On the other hand, character also affects friendship, if a person is naturally unpleasant and aggressive, he will be rejected by the common people, and surely he does not have friends, and it will be difficult for him to establish relationships of this type.

Whether then there are few or many friends, friendship is an extremely important issue in the life of an individual so that he or she feels full and accompanied.

A life without friends can be very sad and difficult to cope with.

There are studies carried out by seasoned professionals who state that people without friends, in addition to being more unhappy, can develop mental problems such as depression, because they are just alone, and without the possibility of sharing their sorrows and glories with other peers.

But beware, we cannot necessarily reduce friendship to human beings, it is also a reality that animals maintain affinity relationships with each other and it is not strange to appreciate, on purpose, friendship between two animals, for example two dogs.

Also, many people maintain a relationship of strict friendship with their pet, which they consider as a friend.

More uses

And on the other hand, in common language, we give other uses to the word friend, such as being: to designate that which has friendly characteristics (“I really needed a helping hand right now”); to the inclination that one feels for some thing or activity (“my cousin is a friend of the night”); and as a synonym for lover or partner that has not yet become formal (Laura has a new friend”).

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