caption definition

The caption is a text that always appears arranged in the lower edge of an image, recurrently, on the same tax, whose fundamental mission is to provide the reader with specific information about the photograph in question.

It should be noted that the caption is its own concept and therefore widely disseminated in the context of the editorial design, as the branch of design is called, which deals especially with the layout and composition of graphic publications such as: newspapers, newspapers, magazines, books, among others.

In the task of layout, the distribution of spaces and the different elements that make up the note or document in question is one of the most important parts of the process. Generally, those in charge of it make use of the traditional practice of drawing the final content of a page with its corresponding elements, on paper, that is, a proposal is sketched to finally choose the most appropriate alternative. The two main elements that are available when it comes to layout are texts and images.

The photographs turn out to be a fundamental element and part of the publications that we mentioned above, whether they are the journalistic ones themselves, that is, they comment and report on current events, as well as those that deal with a certain topic.

In order to convey an idea, a message, a story as clearly as possible, nothing better than a good photograph that illustrates the situation that is communicated in writing and not to mention the help and support that the aforementioned caption also provides.

The caption that accompanies a photograph in a journalistic note, for example, must have an exclusive mission provide additional information about the image; It must add to the explanation through a short text, providing the necessary information to be able to identify the information about the image, while and above all else, it should avoid falling into the obvious.

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