tattoo definition

Popularly, it is known by the term of tattoo to that recording of a drawing that is made on the skin through the use of indelible coloring matters or small cuts on the skin itself. Basically, the tattoo is a modification that will be carried out on the skin, creating as we said a drawing, a figure or a text and that was previously chosen by the individual who has it because it has some special meaning in his life And it turns out to be so big that you want to have it as it is said, engraved on the skin, that is, almost always, tattoos are the result of what the person who does it loves, feels or likes, it is very difficult for us to find that someone got a tattoo on the skin something that does not have any important meaning in his life, except in exceptional cases in which capable for some reason has forced them, but which obviously turn out to be the least.

Although from a few decades to the present the tattoo has a very important diffusion among people, in some cases we can even attribute the fashionable nickname to it, because the expansion it had was such that it was almost almost outside the established norm. he had something tattooed on his body, actually, the practice has been unfolding since the Neolithic stage and that a good number of finds prove it, for example in some mummies.

Another issue to highlight regarding this of the incredible diffusion that this certainly artistic practice has achieved and because not also with spiritual connotations, in these times, is that even more and more women decide to tattoo their bodies, that is, they do Some twenty years ago capable was a more widespread practice among men, especially in those with a prison past, however today the number of women who have a tattoo under their belt is monumental and even more, it even stopped being seen as a practice clearly marginal to climb and climb positions in society, being now also a distinction of the highest classes.

The different techniques and advances achieved in the matter have made it possible that today if we want to get a tattoo but we do not know if in a few months we will want to continue having it, we can do it anyway thanks to temporary tattoos, which are made today and disappear when Little time. Meanwhile, the tattoo that is carried out in the traditional way can only be removed with a laser and even in some cases it may even be that the stain of it remains. The reason why these remain unchanged through the years and years is because the ink is etched in the dermis layer, located below the epidermis, which is the outer layer of the skin that constantly renews its cells, something that the metabolism of the dermis does not perform and that is why the ink does not eliminate itself.

Nowadays people get tattoos in any part of their body, even in those least thought about and the motivations are always the passions and the love that certain things or people arouse in them and then they want to show them that unconditional love by engraving them on the body. . The name of the boyfriend / girlfriend, the mother, the mascot, the acronym of the favorite soccer team, the favorite musical group, are the drawings that are most seen.