definition of manage

The term manage It refers to the activity through which a subject or group of people will print order and organization, especially in what is inherent to the finances of a company, organization, business or state. Undoubtedly, the way in which a person or group manages an area of ​​which we mentioned will determine its efficient operation and of course also its performance. Because it is widely proven that in the midst of chaos, in which people do not know where things are or why a certain amount of money was taken, it is impossible for any organization or body to come to fruition in its functions and objectives.

Whoever is dedicated to administering, then, will strictly deal with the scientific management of the resources that they have around them and at their disposal, among which are the money as we said but also the human resources, meanwhile, all this activity that will be deployed in this sense will be pre-eminently oriented to the satisfaction of an interest.

For example, in the case of a company, whoever is in charge of its administration must focus their attention and intelligence on maintaining order and transparency of finances and, in turn, spending less money than what goes into the company. company.

A person can learn to manage by himself, that is, it is not an impossible science that requires a lot of time, sometimes common sense is enough and of course a strong sense of discretion when using any resource .

Meanwhile, there is a science, business administration, which deals with studying the organization of the same, the way in which resources are managed, their processes and the results of their activities and that is dictated in most universities in the world, having also become one of the races that attracts the most people.

In addition to the aforementioned meaning, the term administer is usually used when it is intended to refer to the rationalization or dosage of something, for example a medicine to a patient.