milestone definition

Relevant event or event taken as a reference

The concept of milestone is used in our language especially to refer to that relevant, notable event or event, and that as such will become a point of reference and almost always as a consequence of that tremendous influence that marks a before and after in the context. in which it occurs.

"The emergence of the internet is a milestone in the field of technology."

"The female vote was a milestone in the history of social conquests by women."

Signposting on routes and roads to indicate distances, directions and mark borders

On the other hand, the word is used to designate that post, generally made of stone although it can be made of any other material, which is found at the request of roads or routes and borders to indicate a direction, a distance or the limits. of a territory.

We must emphasize that it is very common for the landmark to consist of small or medium-sized sculptures.

Kilometric milestone: indicates kilometers and routes through which it is traveled

In the case of signaling distances on a road or route, the so-called kilometer milestone stands out. It consists of a typical traffic signal that will indicate the distance between the beginning and the end of a route and whose fundamental mission is to guide the travelers who transit it.

The kilometer markers are made of metal and are extremely useful for those who travel along the routes because they appear regularly on the road, that is, every certain distance, and they inform us of the kilometer through which we are going, plus, in some cases, the number of the highway on which you are traveling.

That is, this sense of the word is used as a synonym for signal. The milestone is a sign.

National Historic Landmark: building, work, element that has a historical mark

And in the United States the word has a special use in the historical and cultural planes since a national historical landmark will be that building, structure, locality, object, which the national government recognizes as such due to its historical imprint.

All of these are listed and made official in a registry known as the National Register of Historic Places. Of course, as such they must enjoy respect and preservation by the federal state if they are at risk of suffering an affront.

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