definition of inherent

The word inherent is used to designate everything that or that which as a consequence of the nature it holds is inseparably linked to another or to something… “It is impossible for Juan not to lie to you, since lying is an inherent matter of his person. Technical support is inherent to the service we provide.”

What is attached to something and what influences its existence

In order to find and for the inherence that we mentioned to occur, it is necessary that there are two or more things, issues, whether material or immaterial, that are closely or inseparably linked, so that the object is what it is and not something else, or so that this or that fulfills the function that they naturally hold.

Speaking of rights, we find a logical and common application of this concept because there are certain rights that have powers that are inherent to their use and enjoyment, the human right to freedom implies that the person can choose without any conditions from anyone what they want to do, say , or think.

On the other hand, there are topics or issues that are addressed in various fields that will always have inherent content and that are those that are associated with the primary content, and for each case it is important that they are also considered due to that interdependence.

If I want to solve crime in the city, I will have to attend to inherent issues that trigger it, such as poverty, addiction, lack of work, among others.

In another order of things, human beings and living beings in general have characteristics inherent to our species and which are what ultimately determine our behavior and allow us to distinguish ourselves from other species in this vast universe of life.

For example, the quality of fidelity is inherent in dogs, and rationality in the case of human beings.

People, without exceptions, have unique personality traits that differentiate us from others and that lead us to be unique, so we can be friendly, aggressive, calm, supportive, lonely, among so many features.

Use in chemistry and grammar too

Meanwhile, it is possible that we find the term inherent in different areas; for example, at the request of the Chemistry, the concept of Inherent Chirality, which is a recurrent expression used when categorizing molecules and complexes that present an asymmetry that is the result of the existence of a curvature in their structure.

On the other hand, in Grammar, is named inherent properties to those that are part of a grammatical unit regardless of the relationships that the unit can establish within a sentence.

For example, the word computer has an inherent property of the feminine gender, although it will be independent of the sentence in which it appears associated, like this: the computer broke after the blow that Mario gave it.

Human rights are inherent to human beings

And in social matters, we find rights that are said to be inherent to the individual insofar as he is a person, the calls human rights, which as its name says are their own, inherent to human beings.

In other words, whatever the origin, the race, the religion they practice and the political ideology that a person manifests, yes or yes they will enjoy human rights, nothing and no one can take them away or suspend them for any reason, and if that happens obviously s you would be committing a serious crime.

Human rights are irrevocable, non-transferable, inalienable and inalienable since they are associated with the human condition, that is, nobody will be able to desist from any of them or transfer them to another because the other also has them.

The right to life, to education, to justice, to freedom in all its expressions are some of these rights.

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