definition of scoring

The Scoring it's a automatic evaluation system of requests for credit operations, such as consumer loans, mortgages or credit card concessions.

Therefore, scoring is the fastest and safest automatic evaluation system that will be used when determining, for example, whether or not to grant a loan.

Based on all the information that is available in the grantor's database about the candidate in question, the scoring will allow the immediate and almost seamless prediction of the probability of delinquency. Likewise, it is of great help in the evaluation, behavior and collection process, since it is capable of analyzing a significant volume of information in a very short time and in a homogeneous way.

Among the various and fundamental advantages that it presents are the following: rapid evaluation in the granting of credit (the analysis of both internal and external information of all requests can take 30 minutes), improve efficiency (optimization of human resources because by score it allows to determine the evaluator who will be in charge of the analysis of the credit application), simplifies cumbersome documentation procedure (for some credits it will only be necessary with the verification of personal or work address, while for others it may be necessary to request additional information that seeks more documentation), proposes a consistent and objective evaluation (it evaluates similar information always in the same way, thus avoiding different appraisals as a consequence of using subjective criteria) and represents a significant saving in evaluation costs (There is a concrete and important saving of money in this field).