definition of junk food

It is popularly known as fast food To them foods that have significant levels of fats, salt, sugars, seasonings and additives , and that by case of such components they become irresistible foods for the palates of most of the people.

Foods that have high levels of fats, additives and sugars, and that are eaten on the go and are chosen for being tasty and fast

On the other hand, it should be noted that these foods, by having high doses of salt and fat, generate, at the same time, in those who consume them, a greater demand for their consumption, that is, they produce addiction, and also a high demand for thirst-quenching beverages generated by large amounts of digested salt.

Normally, the drinks to which this food is associated, that is, it is sold in combination and in alliance with soft drinks, which also represent a harm to health if consumed regularly and in large quantities, especially due to the high sugar content that they flaunt their formulas, not to mention the bloating and heaviness they produce due to the gas they contain, which is another characteristic feature of the same drinks.

Also known as junk food, junk food, has become one of the most widespread food options on our planet as a result of its low cost, its rapid access and preparation, that is, there are commercial establishments that produce them on a large scale and allow someone who does not have much time, order them and eat them in a very short period of time.

Undoubtedly, lack of time, a recurring issue in the lives of many people, has made people turn more and more to this type of food.

The hectic times in which we live in the great cities of the world, has generated a proliferation of the tendency to consume junk food because it implies being able to consume it in food establishments that are close by and a few meters from the offices and also because its time waiting is very few minutes.

The perfect equation: close by and little waiting time, for those who live a thousand and don't even have time to eat.

Burgers, hot dogs, French fries, at the top of this type of food

Mc Donalds, which is undoubtedly one of the pioneering and emblematic companies in this metier, offers menus in combo format, hamburger, potatoes and soda that are ordered in the box and in less than five minutes they are received on a tray ready to eat .

On the other hand, the sale of this type of food in supermarkets makes it an increasingly recurrent food option also at home and especially when there is little time to prepare other foods that are richer in fiber, minerals and proteins.

Among the food indicated as junk by the characteristics listed in the first paragraph are: the aforementioned hamburgers, hot dogs, also known as hot dogs or hot dogs, and French fries.

On the other hand, there are audiences, such as children and adolescents, who are especially inclined to consume this type of food, not only because of those flavor enhancers they have but also because the chains that produce them offer them gifts that make them even more pretended, such is the case of the famous "Happy Meal" from the giant Mc Donalds.

Health problems caused by eating these dishes regularly

Of course, eating a full hamburger with french fries or a hot dog will not harm our health, the harmful thing is to consume them with great recurrence and that they are practically the only option in our diet.

The excess of fats and salt that these dishes show do not do more than, consumed in excess, lead to serious health complications such as: obesity, cardiovascular disease, type II diabetes, cellulite and even the tendency to cavities.

But it is important then that we specify some serious consequences of consuming this type of food in excess, we already mentioned in the previous paragraph the most common ones that are obesity and cardiovascular diseases, however, there are other equally complex conditions that are mentioned with less intensity than the previous ones such as: dementia, fatigue and weakness, depression in young people, and memory and learning problems.

French fries, hamburgers, hot dogs, etc., we know, the recommendation is not to abuse them, enjoy them occasionally, and regularly, eat healthy foods, preferably fruits and vegetables, and do physical exercise.

With these ingrained habits, there is nothing wrong with consuming a hamburger from time to time.

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