definition of hue

The word hue admits several uses, although the most widespread is the one that arises when we speak of colors, because precisely the nuance is a essential property of color, which implies that each of the grades has the same color, without affecting its essence, for example, green will be nuances: water green, dark green, emerald green, among others.

One color grades

Then, the colors that have the same hue will be differentiated from the use of adjectives which will be linked to the saturation or luminosity they present.

The various shades of colors allow interior design to create environments that are especially inspiring and welcoming to the person who will inhabit them.

Generally, air fresheners use shades of a color to create a more or less warm space, and of course also to satisfy the tastes of their customers.

For example, the green color can be very undesirable for a room intended for rest, although applying a soft shade of it will allow to satisfy the demand of the inhabitant and of the correct sleep.

Paint: color in its purest form

In the meantime, in the field of painting, the hue consists of the pure color, that is, there are no added tones.

It should be noted that the word that is used the most in this field is not that of nuance but that it is more frequent that we find one of its synonyms to express the same thing, the tone.

Music: intensity level of a sound

In the field of music, We also find this word, since in this context it is used to designate each of the intensity levels in which the sounds, musical pieces or parts of a musical work are made.

The musical nuance may be dynamic or intensity, which is that degree of intensity in which, either a part or a complete musical piece must be interpreted; or failing that of tempo, which indicate the rhythm in which this or that complete work should be performed.

Appearance of a theme

On the other hand, in our ordinary language we usually apply the term to account for the aspect that presents a situation or issue.Juan's separation from the company was marked by several nuances that I will explain to you, it was not a single reason.”

Trait that has something and that attributes a special character to it

The other use that we also give to the word in our colloquial language allows us to designate the distinctive feature that a situation has and that of course gives it a special character. “This conversation took on a too sensual nuance and I don't feel comfortable.”

Intermediate position on a topic

On the other hand, and continuing with the colloquial use of this word, we find an expression that is very frequent among people when they want to express that there are no unique positions, for example, not everything in life is black or white, too There are nuances that are the alternative options that are located in an intermediate place and permeable to the plurality of voices, because precisely not everything is yes or no, or black or white.

Adopting a position in life that does not admit nuances is valid and respectable, although it will leave little room for accepting changes or divergent opinions.

Synonym of appreciation

And we cannot ignore the use of the concept as a synonym of appreciation, for example, it is that we can say that we agree with a point of view that someone expresses on an issue, although we will add a nuance, which will imply adding a plus that does not modify the essence of the idea but according to our criteria it is relevant to add it and rescue it.

People constantly offer our opinions on various issues or problems that concern us, interest us, while that action will precisely involve the subjective, personal assessment that we give to them.

Although the individuals being all different and being able to present very different views on the same issue, there may also be coincidences, and it is from them that agreements and enriching discussions will arise to advance on the resolution of an issue.

It is important to state that antagonistic views do not have to fight and eliminate the other, but can be combined to create a highly superior proposal or alternative.