definition of couple relationship

A relationship is a love nexus that arises between two people. A relationship has different stages when it evolves positively. The infatuation, the stage of courtship, the consolidation of history and marriage. At present, it should be noted that more and more couples avoid taking the step of the wedding by living as a couple without organizing a bridal event.

A Relationship It can be rewarding, in that case, it is a positive bond in which love is an addition and not a subtraction. True love is one in which two people complement each other despite being different, have a compatible lifestyle, similar values ​​and shared illusions. In addition, each one has its own space.

Beware of forming a toxic partner, where love is a burden

Instead, a Relationship Unhappy is one in which love has become a burden of pain and suffering for a couple. In this sense, the case of toxic couple relationships stands out, showing how sometimes something that is not is called love. There are people who confuse love with company, jealousy or dependency.

One of the biggest joy factors

The love It is one of the most important pillars in the happiness of a human being. Hence, the desire to find a person with whom to share life in common is not universal because there are also people who are very happy in being single, but finding a partner is a quite universal desire in the human heart that is called to love and to be loved.

Just as there are moments of maximum happiness linked to a RelationshipFor example, the first kiss, there are also moments of deep pain linked to this area. For example, a couple breakup, an infidelity, a strong argument, the death of the partner, an illness ... Therefore, love makes a human being deeply vulnerable.

Cinema and the media sometimes provide a distorted and fictional vision of what a couple is

The Romantic comedies and fairy tales distort reality in relation to what really is a couple. A couple is not made up of two people who merge into one. In addition, there is no soul mate but two people who complement each other. In the same way, there are no happy endings either, but love is renewed every day. In addition, love is built slowly and with pause even when the crush arises.