definition of family violence

The one of domestic violence It is a concept that designates those recurrent violent acts that one or more members of a family carry out against one or more of its members. Meanwhile, this violence may consist of physical attacks or, failing that, it may involve psychological harassment and even threats. It should be noted that the concept is sometimes referred to as domestic violence.

Normally a typical family is made up of a father, mother and children and then it is precisely one of these actors who exercises violence on some of the other members. Traditionally, it is some of the two parents who, using and abusing their authority, carry out violent acts against their children, for example, although violence by one spouse towards another is also very recurrent. There have also been cases of children presenting actions charged with violence against their parents.

In other words, with this we mean that family violence can occur in the most diverse forms and directions, it can even come from other family components such as grandparents, uncles, cousins, among others.

Family violence is an issue that affects many families around the world and also constitutes a serious and typical social problem on which it is necessary to focus and take action to prevent its dire consequences.

Family violence has always existed, since the world is the world we could say, in the meantime, the problem as such had not been recognized until very recently; In recent years it has even worsened to alarming levels, for example with the notable increase in the death rates of wives murdered at the hands of their husbands.

As a result, government campaigns against domestic violence have been intensified and some punishments have also been reinforced when the family is the generator of acts of violence.

The need to combat this type of violence, which many times is not stopped by a child, a pregnant woman or an elderly adult, is due to the very serious consequences that it has been proven to produce in those who suffered family violence at some point in their life. life. This pattern can be repeated in the future and they can be the executors of violence in their families.