definition of ceo

The CEO (Chief Executive Officer, as his name goes in English) or Executive Director, CEO, Executive President or Chief Executive Officer, as he was traditionally called until globalization brought innumerable social, political, economic and term reforms. It is also the person who is in charge of the highest management authority and administrative direction in a company, body, association or institution.

The CEO or senior officer, in reality, is a position and a designation that for years it existed exclusively in Anglo-Saxon corporations, while, for what we spoke above about globalization and its subsidiaries, is that the term ceased to be an Anglo-Saxon exclusivity to also become a reality in other cultures and today it is a common and current term for all, which is applied mainly in companies with a technological profile.

Although in a significant number of small companies we will not find it, since both the presidency and the executive direction of these will fall on the same person, that is, the president of the company, the CEO is a position of great relevance due to the activities that it assumes and that it does have a strong presence in multinational and large-scale companies.

In the latter case, then, the president of the company will take care of the general strategies of the same, while leaving to the CEO or Executive Director the administration of the company, that is, the operational phase that will involve each of the strategies that are taken.

In large companies, it is also often the case that the CEO in turn is in charge and has a series of directors for each of the different sectors in which the company is divided, for example, a finance director, from information, marketing, among others and of course. according to the needs.

In addition, although it is not everything in life, because there is also the career and professional growth in the middle, but it is undoubtedly an important part that sometimes makes the happiness of the person, that is to say that the CEO of a company is the highest paid individual of the same.

But hey, beyond the curriculum issues that are held and that remain to occupy the position, it will be vital to become a CEO to have a strong leadership profile mixed with a bit of humanity in order to achieve good chemistry with those managed. And not to mention a good example: arrive earlier, leave later than everyone else, among others.

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