definition of administrative

Through the administrative term, it refers to everything that belongs to the administration or is related to it. The administration is that part, area, that in a public body or in a private capital company is in charge of managing all the resources that are involved in its structure and therefore in its operation. In order to carry out this task, it will be necessary to order and organize what is incumbent on the ranch, the economic resources available and those who enter, and also the human resources. The balance of all this will generate good administration.

Good administration guarantees success

It is worth noting that the administration of an entity, whether private or public, is carried out with the mission of achieving an end, in a company it will be to obtain economic benefits and in a public body to achieve a successful operation of that area . That is why its work is based on various scientific criteria that guarantee to go down this path.

In both sectors, private and public, the administration turns out to be fundamental for, as we already indicated, to make the company or the entity work satisfactorily and achieving the objectives proposed from the head of the same.

Person who works in the administration area

But in addition, the concept has another meaning since administrative / or that person who works in the public administration of a country or who performs tasks related to the administration in a private company, in an office is called.

For this very reason the person who works as an administrator must have a thorough knowledge of everything inherent to the administration, that is, the scientific management of economic resources and the direction of human work, all this focused mainly in order to satisfy an interest, which is the objective of the entity in question.

Having relevant knowledge, the key to a good administrative

Then, an administrative person must be extremely experienced in terms of the considered administrative sciences such as accounting and marketing to achieve the expected results.

The first will provide you with all the useful information when making economic decisions and mastering the second will be essential to be able to predict consumer behavior within the market in which you operate. The administrative that performs satisfactorily in everything inherent to the administration will have every chance of bringing the maximum success to her company.

Different administrative levels within a company

Now, we must also emphasize that within the structure that corresponds to the administration of a company there are various levels, that is, there will be people who will be especially in charge of the management of economic resources, then there will be others who will be in charge of other activities and Tasks related to administration, such as the organization and order of, for example, papers, documents that turn out to be very important for the proper functioning of the company, that is, that they are in order, organized, turns out to be as important as managing finances right way.

Then, at a lower level, but no less important for that, are the administrative workers who carry out errands for the company on the street. They carry and bring important documentation, pay invoices to suppliers or collect payments from clients, among other actions, and whose task is also essential for the efficient development of the company.