definition of work team

To better define and understand the concept of Work teamIt will be helpful to first refer to what each of the terms that make up the concept refer separately.

By team is designated to the group of people who come together and organize to achieve some common goal. And work is the human effort or productive activity for which a person will receive remuneration.

Group of organized and directed workers, who work towards the achievement of the proposed objectives

Now, with this clarified, it is designated by the concept of Work Team to that group of organized workers led by a manager or a leader, depending on the context in which they are located, who will work towards the achievement of the objectives of the organization or group in question .

The work team that is formed from the need to achieve a common goal must put all the knowledge, skills, abilities and information held by all the team members at its service. The union then of all these resources will be those that will give the energy and the capacity to the team to successfully develop its work and its proposed goal, of course.

In the association of skills and competencies that come together, the value of teamwork is placed

In this association of skills and competencies that come together, the value of teamwork is undoubtedly placed. We cannot deny, as the popular saying goes, that unity is strength and in this case it applies perfectly since when everyone puts their effort and focus towards the same goal, it is practically impossible for success not to be achieved. Only bad synergy, bad direction, organization or the disagreement of team members can undermine success.

The harmony of its members, the key to success

Because as happens with all types of initiative and project in which several people are committed, its proper functioning will depend on the good relationship that they can build, such as, in the first instance and as it is popularly said, to throw all of them for the same side, that is, all team members must be oriented towards the same end or objective. Another sine quanom condition within a team of these characteristics will be solidarity, this implies that there should never be a personalistic or selfish tendency on the part of any of the members that promotes personal or self-promotion, or internal competition between the members, because directly A situation of this type will undermine the objective that the organization intends, which is for everyone to achieve the proposed goal.

The importance of the leader to bring out the capacities of the members

To ensure that everyone contributes their own, what they are good at and for which they stand out, the participation of the manager or whoever has assumed the role of leader of the work team will be decisive, since this will be the one who must detect those merits individual that each one has but in a way in which silly competitions are not raised among team members, but on the contrary, it should encourage each one to get involved in a healthy competition with the other from which they can draw the best ideas and initiatives that contribute to meeting the desired objective.

Then, personal relationships will be the key to a work team even beyond the professional capacities that each one possesses., because an employee can learn a lot from a partner and thus increase their professional ability, on the other hand, those people who display a hostile attitude and who therefore maintain a bad relationship with their teammates will only cause problems and violate common goals, such as the development and growth of a company or business.

Freedom in decision-making generates more empathy with the proposed purpose

There are three basic conditions that a work team must observe if it wants to function: effectively and efficiently: valuation and motivation, trust and empathy and communication and commitment. It is proven that when the team is given responsibility for the success of the task and is given the absolute freedom to make decisions that address that direction, the members will assume an extra commitment and that will obviously translate into positive results.

Today, organizations are committed to teamwork

Currently, at the level of business organizations, teamwork has been imposed and is encouraged as a result of the excellent results that it has been proven to produce. The constant changes proposed today by advances in technology and the challenge of interacting with international agents have generated the need for a union of forces. Today it is important to have a group of people specialized in various fields in order to achieve an economic difference in today's business world.